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How to begin

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How to begin

Post  Admin on Sat Jun 12, 2010 6:28 am


this is how you begin. first go to character create. there you have to fill everything in from your name to your stats. When you have done that you have to let it see by the admins so that they can say if its good or not. If its good you can go to the next step if its not good then repeat this step.


Now you have your character made and your readdy to choose your village. Choose one of the villages and go to the gate. At the gate you ask ofcourse if you can come in the village and that you are new. The people that aren't new and played it for a while have to go to the gate to and say they wanna come in. When the gate asks your character scroll or shinobi scroll you give that to them. They will set it on the shinobi scroll.


Now you are in your village. You can become a ninja now! First go to the academy. there you have to do a few tests and training. When you have done this you will get an exame. If you fail you got to stay in class for another exam to come if you are trought you get a paper where stands that you have done the shool. Now go to the Kage and say that you passed your shool exam he will tell it to one of the admin and you will get a new title.


Now you are done with shool and stuf. You wanna do missions and you wanna train skills right? Well you can. If you go to the training fields and you rp that you do a new jutsu. like: Homaru turns around and stares to the tree in front of him. "Rasengan". he says and the tree get blasted away.
The better the jutsu is the more you have to write for it. like for rasengan you have to write hundred post where you do the rasengan but you only can post 5 or 7 times a day when training.


When you learned a few jutsus and you are tired of training or missions all the time then there is something else for you to do. You can also go to the bingo book and see if there are any missing nins or people that are a danger to your village to kill. You get money for this.


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