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bloodlines and clans!

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bloodlines and clans!

Post  bekirikus on Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:07 am

You can choose between these elements:






    Jutsu arts:

    Taijutsu:you can choose 1 element and per lvl you will be able to open one of the eight doors + you will do more damage (15% per lvl).

    Ninjutsu: You can choose 2 elements for example water and earth and combine them--) wood

    Genjutsu: You can choose 1 element and with that element you can stun the enemy or scare them


    hyûga-clan: you will be able to use the byakugan and you will also be able to see the weak spots of your opponent and you will recieve a +10 damagebonus per lvl up.

    Uchiha:you will have the sharingan and you will make 20 more damage and your opponent will make 15 damage less with one lvl up you will make +5 more damage

    Nara: you will make damage with your Shadow skills.

    Akimichi: you will have the strongest Taijutsu skills ever and you will have defender skills

    yamanaka: you can switch your spirit with your opponent and make him strong damage.

    Aburame: you will have insects that can see the weak points of your opponent and you will make 16 damage more

    Inuzuka: you will have a dog,cat,or Tiger that will help you in fights you can make really great jutsus with him

    Kaguya: you will defend yourself with your bones and you will make 10 damage more.

    flute clan: you will control the 3 demons(Dobi) and you can defend yourself with them

    puppet clan: you will defend yourself with your puppets and the puppets will help you in your fights

    hyuga clan attacks: 64 fists,Gentlefist and 364 fists
    uchia clan attacks: mangekyou Sharingan

    More coming soon!!

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