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bloodline and jutsu sheet

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bloodline and jutsu sheet

Post  Admin on Sat Jun 12, 2010 7:11 am

write your home-made clan and jutsus down here but you have to use the clan or jutsu sheet

clan sheet:

Clan Name:
Element Affinity:
In Stats:
Jutsu List:

Clan name: the name of your clan
village: in wich village your clan is
element affinity: what elements your clan has (only 2 exept with... exeptions like element clan)
Description of limits: the discription like whats your fighting style...
History: the history of your clan
Bonus: You write down what bonus your clan gives to you.
Jutsu list: The jutsus of your clan

Remember no godmodding!!

Jutsu sheet

Jutsu Name:
Description of Jutsu:
Chakra Cost:

Jutsu name: the name of the jutsu
Discription of jutsu: What happens if you do it.
Rank: What rank has it? A rank B rank maybe S rank?
Chakra cost: how much cp cost it to cast this jutsu
Damage: how much damage does it do?
Requirements: What do you need for it?
Training: How many post do you need to learn it?
Special: Whats special about this technique when you cast it?

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